The Best Intercity Rail in the Americas - An Amtrak Overview: Episode 24

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Board single-file onto the United States' premier and only intercity rail network. Stainless steel coaches will take you across the country thrice per direction per day, and the Acela will get you around the Northeast faster than the highway system ever could. In the first of three installments about Amtrak, we talk about the behemoth that is Amtrak today and the broad range of services that they operate.

Correction: We conflated the Sunset Limited and the Southwest Chief. The Sunset Limited, not the Southwest Chief, runs "along the part of Mexico that America bought so it could run trains" (45:12). The Sunset Limited is also the one that serves Maricopa, about 25 miles south of Phoenix (45:25), while the Sunset Limited serves Flagstaff. Thank you, Martin from Patreon for pointing this out on the early access!


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