The Red Line Public Transportation Podcast talks trains, buses, urban planning, and everything in between. In our first series of episodes, we seek to explain specific transit topics, unearth the historical context of American public transit, and lay forth a better picture of a livable future.


At heart, we are transit advocates seeking to build a better living for everyone. To that end, The Red Line Podcast does in-depth research on transit topics to bring listeners factual, big-picture explanations of key concepts and issues.

About the hosts

The Red Line Podcast is hosted by "High-Floor Light Rail Enjoyer" Dunstan, Alex Fielder, and Kyle Holland out of the Marriott Library at the University of Utah (in the wonderful city of Salt Lake, #rideuta). "Insert Current Nickname" is responsible for the bulk of research and writing; they dive deep into everything from official reports to government databases to news articles and more to bring the listener the whole public transit picture. Alex does video production work for our YouTube channel, currently featuring all podcast episodes and soon to feature exciting video essays. Kyle edits together the podcast and extra Patreon content after our recording sessions and does other tech backend work, like the website and RSS feed.


We publish the podcast weekly on Wednesdays, plus video essay content over on YouTube. Episodes are generally half an hour to an hour in length, depending on the topic. You can listen to them on your favourite podcast player via the RSS link at the top of the page, and we're always making an effort to get on more podcast aggregators (Spotify link below). We also post episodes accompanied by original video footage of transit on our YouTube channel.

Expect each episode to be accompanied by links referenced in the show, a list of timestamps for easy navigation, and the sources we did our research with. (Currently, the YouTube timestamps are a bit misaligned; this seems to be a video encoding issue. If you use timestamps, consider listening on an audio-only platform for the best experience. Hoping to resolve this issue soon.)

Enjoy the show! If you're a serious fan, consider following us on Twitter for extra updates or joining our Patreon for early access to episodes and to extra content.


We welcome input from listeners. Whether you're a podcast connoisseur seeking to give feedback about our show's structure or production, a railfan wanting to share the scoop on some interesting transit, an everyday transit rider ready to give your perspective on a topic, or anything in between, please email us or tweet at us. We'd love to improve our show, see different angles on transit, and share more information with our listeners.

Where to find or contact us